Why use a Professional Photographer ?

A good question which deserves a reasonable answer.

As cameras grow in digital sophistication it is becoming easier for everyone to get pleasing results for apparently little cost. However, using an amateur to take an important picture can be false economy. The impact a professionally taken image has on a client's market, is far stronger than that of a quickly grabbed snap from a digital camera.

Professional photography will sell your product or your company, amateur photography will not. Furthermore, potential clients usually respect a business that is acting in a professional manner. 

Photographers are not just technicians. A professional understands how to capture images that are right for a client's business and convey the message required. Their experience enables them to obtain successful results in any situation.

It is as important for the photographer as it is for you that the images are right for your business and convey the message you require. As a proportion of your media/print budget, the cost of commissioning professional photographer can be small.

When commissioning a photographer the images they produce will be exclusive to you.

Four important points to consider:

  1. Images bought from a photographic library will only be exclusive for the specific area you have bought a licence for, and only for a specified period of time.
  2. Unless you negotiate an exclusive deal with the library other companies will be able to licence the same image and use it for their own products or company.
  3. Negotiating exclusivity with a library is often more expensive and time consuming than commissioning a photographer.