Underwater Photographic Equipment

Manifest as at Feb 2011

  • Subal CD-5 aluminium housing (for Canon 5-D) - FOR SALE IF INTERESTED
  • Subal CD-5MII aluminium housing (for Canon 5D-MK2)
  • Subal GS-180 viewfinder
  • Subal GS-90 45 degreee viewfinder
  • Subal FP-90 flat port & 30mm extension ring (for 50mm & 100mm lens & extension tubes)
  • Subal FE 2, 8 Inch Dome Port, +2 diopter & 50 mm extension ring (for 16-35mm T2 zoom lens & 15mm fisheye lens)
  • Backscatter Macro Mate 2:1 close up lens adapter
  • Inon Z-240-S strobes (twin strobes) (2)
  • Inon U-250 focus lights (2)
  • Ultra-lite brackets and knobs (a wide selection to cover off multiple tasks)
  • Pelican 1510 carry case (essential as getting gear about to dive locations is rough on equipment)
  • PowerEx rechargeable batteries and chargers (the best I have found to date)