Mission Statement & Vision

To Inspire, Educate, Encourage and Conserve

The purpose of documenting my travels and photographic images on this Blog site is to to build appreciation and inspire awareness for the environment, and to promote conservation. My aim is to create photographs that inspire and inform, and convey a deep belief in the value of wild places; to act as a catalyst to the conservation and protection of natural areas and of flora and fauna.

I believe that as the world becomes more developed, and regions of natural beauty become smaller in size, nature photography becomes an important key in securing a tangible link between us and wild places, which in turn may increase awareness for the need to conserve wild places and their inhabitants.

For me photography of the natural world is more than just documenting pretty landscapes and cuddly animal photos. It's a concern for the environment and the earth that all living creatures must share.

It is not our right to interfere in the lives of another species but, when our paths cross it is our duty to behave in such a away that we do no harm.

I hope you enjoy my images and that they instill in you a feeling of respect for the environment and the flora and fauna that we share this planet with.