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Observing and photographing marine and terrestrial wildlife can be very time consuming. Therefore, prior to departing on a trip, in depth research has to be completed to determine the best season, weather conditions and animal movements - not too mention other important aspects such as transportation, accommodation, food and safety constraints.

Many of the locations visited are not in first world countries, and the animals targeted frequently don't have habitats close to major airports and cities.  In country domestic travel arrangements can be very time consuming and frustrating to arrange. 

Often an idea for a trip remains an idea for quite sometime as logistics are worked out. Whilst some excursions are just a short skip and jump from home requiring minimal organization, other trips fall within the expedition category and require far more in-depth and time consuming analysis until they eventuate.

What's next in the loop?

Unfortunately, I will not be documenting the location of  future photographic trips on this Blog.  The reason for this decision is because I am continually being e-mailed and contacted by people seeking information to the locations I visit.  I don't mind sharing information, but when people "demand" to know where you are going and what you are doing along with details - well suffice to say, enough is enough.

To those who were interested in this information, I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you understand my reasons for making this decision.

  1. Central Australia - Wild dingoes and numbats. 


Completed Assignments (what's completed since January 2007)


  • Mongolia, Central Asia - Landscapes and snow leopards (September & October 2014)
  • Central Australia - 3 week desert trip based from four wheel drive vehicle photographing birds and landscapes (2014)
  • Western Australia - Fossils, geology, landscapes, forests and wildflowers (2013)
  • Central Australia - Photographing fossils (2013)
  • Lemeh Straight Region, Indonesia - SCUBA diving & underwater photography (2014)
  • Halmahera Region, Northern Indonesia - SCUBA diving & underwater photography (2013)
  • East Africa -  I will be spending 4 weeks in Africa (Kenya) with German photographer Uwe Skrzypczak who specialises in publishing wildlife books. 
  • Alor  & Flores Region, Eastern Indonesia - SCUBA diving & underwater photography (Mid April / May 2011)
  • Falkland Islands, South America - Albatross, other Seabirds, Penguins and Seals.  3 weeks on the islands.  (January 2011)
  • Ambon Region, Indonesia - Underwater Photography.  Macro and Wide Angle (3 weeks in October / November 2010) 
  • Tasmania Offshore Islands - Seabirds, Blue Penguins, Prions & Albatross.  During my last visit I had a companion.  This trip I will be alone on this isolated island.  (October, 2010 )
  • East of Tonga, South Pacific - Humpback Whales & Calves (Late July-August 2010) 
  • South Australia, Kangaroo Island - Australian Sea Lions (Neophoca cinerea), South Australia (June 2010)
  • South Australia, Flinders Ranges - Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies, Port Augusta Birds, Star Trails & Desert Landscapes.  Camping from a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle.  (June 2010)
  • New Zealand - Seabirds, Gannets, Albatross, Penguins & Seals (January, 2010)
  • Tasmania Offshore Islands - Seabirds, Prions, Blue Penguins & Albatross (October, 2010)
  • High Arctic Canada - Polar Bears, Snow Hares & Artic Fox (November 2009)
  • Tasmania - Devil Task Force Field trip, (October 2009) 
  • British Columbia, Canada - Spirit Bears, Pine Martins, Humpback Whales & Eagles, (September 2009)
  • USA - Yosemite National Park & California birds - USA (Late June-July 2009)
  • USA - Yellowstone National Park in Winter (January 2009)
  • South Australia - Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies & Australian Inland Birds (April 2009)
  • USA - Various Desert National Parks in the US (February & March 2009)
  • Papua New Guinea (PNG) - Diving trip (December 2008)
  • Alaska - Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks, Alaska - Coastal Brown Bears (August 2008)
  • British Columbia, Canada - Spirit Bears & Humpback Whales (September 2008)
  • Central Australia - Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies & Desert Landscapes (September 2007)
  • Papua New Guinea (PNG) - SCUBA Diving Expedition with Discovery Channel (March & April 2007)
  • New Zealand - seabirds & landscapes (December & January 2007)

Common Questions Answered!

  • Yes, I travel quite a bit
  • Yes, I am tired of airport lounges, air flights and airport security
  • Yes, I should spend more time in Tasmania photographing endemic wildife
  • Yes, I do have 1000's of images that need post processing
  • Yes I do sell and license my images
  • No, I do not have a trust account or beneficiary
  • No, I am not wealthy