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Hello - Welcome. The purpose of this site is to document my experiences photographing wildlife and nature throughout Australia and abroad.  I hope you find the content interesting and educational, and the images  cause you to reflect on how important it is preserve natural places and their inhabitants.

All wildife has been photographed in the wild and animals are NOT captive or living in enclosures.

For me photography of the natural world is more than just pretty settings and cuddly animal photos. It's a concern for the environment and the earth all living creatures must share.

Note that images appearing in journal posts are often not optimally processed due to time constraints.

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Conservation Matters.....


United States of America

I have decided to visit the US again in January after only 4 months back in Australia since returning from Alaska.  It seems that every time I visit the US I say to myself this will be the last time, however, inexplicably I seem to return to the US.  America has an incredible diversity when it comes to landscapes and wildlife that I am continually drawn to.

My main reason was attend NANPA, however, the time allocated was soon extended until mid March to take advantage of shooting in a number of locations. Specifically, I was interested in photographing the Northern Elephant Seals and Sea Otters that inhabit northern California. I also was keen to shoot landscapes in the California and Arizona deserts, and spend some time in Yellowstone National Park photographing winter wildlife.

I am based in San Francisco for two weeks before leaving by four wheel drive to tackle the deserts camping. Following this I will attend NANPA and live in the luxury of a small motel room for 4 nights before pushing on to accomplish more desert photography and then two weeks in Yellowstone. A very long drive will then be undertaken back to San Francisco before flying out with QANTAS back to Hobart (hopefully my day job will still be there).

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